What Our People Say

People at Holcim Trading are diverse in nationalities, experience and background. Whether they join us from external companies or from other Holcim units, everybody is open to the world and keen to develop entrepreneurial and multicultural skills in challenging environments.


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Lilian, Brazilian, Office Manager, Miami USA

I love working at Holcim Trading as an office manager! The company gives me flexibility and opportunities to improve the well-being of my colleagues, giving them the tools necessary to reach their goals with Joy and passion. It’s amazing how all of us, even with different cultures, can still come together as one big family. In this environment, everyday is an opportunity to learn and grow.


Dost, French, Senior Trading Manager, Zurich

I've been working in Trading for the last 8 years. I enjoy very much the dynamic and constant changing environment we operate in. Challenges never end. Being part of the great Holcim family has been a true gift. I like our people, our values and this success-oriented mindset. There is so much knowledge and expertise in what we do, that I am learning every single day. I remain very thankful to the many colleagues and partners all around the world who have been supporting me in the job.


Richard, American, Senior Chartering Manager, Miami USA

It is exhilarating to work in such a dynamic environment at Holcim Trading with a great team of people.  Every day has fresh challenges and opportunities to overcome adversities and obstacles standing in the way of our objectives.  Having a diverse global team of motivated professionals makes it easy to believe that anything is possible.