Health, Safety & Environment

Health & Safety is the overarching value for Holcim Trading:

  • At Holcim Trading we want to do more than just prevent accidents, we want to create a healthy and safe environment for all
  • Health & Safety is embedded in everything we do when it comes to our customers, in delivering results, working with integrity, leading sustainability and ultimately caring for people
  • We maintain a global Health & Safety Management System designed to continually improve our performance and actively manage risk in our business
  • We communicate openly with all stakeholders on relevant health and safety issues

Health, Safety & the Environment, the overarching value for Holcim

At Holcim Trading, we believe that “if we’re good in safety, then we’re good in business”.

Health & Safety is a critical success factor for our operational performance and not something we regard as a separate activity.

This is why it is seen as a core competency at all levels of our organization, from site operators to top managers, and as a key component of successful personal performance.

Holcim Trading screens all vessels that are considered for business according our Corporate Shipping Policy on compliance, as well as vessel owner’s profile, terminal and operational feedback together with the information provided by the chartering team.